DSAT Scholarship Application 2019

DSAT Scholarship Application

National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) Convention

 June 27 -30, 2019 * Pittsburgh, PA


  • DSAT is pleased to offer scholarships to members of the Tulsa-area Down syndrome community to attend the NDSC Convention. This convention is an international gathering of experts, doctors, families and self-advocates. Attendees will hear the latest breakthroughs on therapy, research and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome
  • Scholarship values range from $1,000 to $1,500
  • Scholarships are intended to provide expense assistance to attend the NDSC Convention (registration, travel, lodging, etc.)
  • Families can be awarded one scholarship every three years. Please do not apply if anyone in your family won to attend the NDSC conference in 2017 or 2018
  • Families can enter multiple categories but can only win one scholarship (must submit seperate applications)
  • Applications should submitted online by Friday, March 15. Winners are chosen from a random drawing of qualified applicants and will be announced by March 21.
  • Convention Registration opens Monday, March 25 at www.ndsccenter.org


  • General Family $1,500: any family of a child/adult with Down syndrome age 4 years or older. Two of these will be awarded this year.
  • New Family $1,500: any family of a child with Down syndrome age 3 years or younger on July 1, 2019 OR any family who has adopted a child with Down syndrome since July 1, 2016
  • Self-Advocate $1,000: individual with Down syndrome age 15 and over. Must attend Youth & Adult Conference. This conference fills up quickly and registration will close upon reaching capacity. Be prepared to register early. If you do not attend this event, you cannot receive reimbursement.
  • Sibling $1,000: any sibling entering the 4th grade or older in fall 2019 (must attend Sibling Conference)


  • To get the greatest benefit from the convention, scholarship Family winners will be required to attend 1 Plenary (General) Session and 3 Workshop Sessions. The first workshop sessions begin Friday afternoon. Sibling and Self-Advocate scholarship winners will be required to register and attend the respective conference events scheduled for their group. A full convention schedule will be available in early May.
  • Each attendee will be required to share a written post-convention essay summarizing their experience at theconvention.
  • Attendees can receive up to 75% of the scholarship awarded before the convention by submitting confirmation of conference registration. Upon submission of the post-convention essay and documentation of expenses incurred, the remaining 25% of the scholarship will be reimbursed

This form must be submitted by Friday, March 15.

Winners are chosen from a random drawing of qualified applicants and will be drawn and announced on March 21.

You may select only one category per family/per application.

  General Family - $1500
  New Family - $1500
  Self-Advocate - $1000
  Sibling - $1000